Common Questions
What is Phone Joystick?
With Phone Joystick you can... Actually, might we suggest, that you visit our website's homepage and watch our video over there? That is the best answer, we believe. ;-)
Does Phone Joystick work for any PC simulation or game?
Please visit our simulations and games page, we keep this dedicated page for this topic.
What do I need to run Phone Joystick?
To run Phone Joystick you will need:
- An iPhone. Please note, iPhone's Max size is not ergonomically suitable for using Phone Joystick, old iPhones (more than 7 years) might not be able to run Phone Joystick.
- A PC. With Windows 10 (64-bit) or later and with some simulation or game of your choice.
- A Wi-Fi network connecting your PC with your iPhone.
How do I get and run Phone Joystick?
Please visit our download page and follow the instructions.
Can I rest my hand on my table while using Phone Joystick?
We have to be strict about this, no. Please always sit down when using Phone Joystick and always place your iPhone on your thigh near your knee when using Phone Joystick. Refrain from using your iPhone with Phone Joystick on any hard surfaces, such as your table.
Using your iPhone with Phone Joystick improperly may result in permanent damage to your iPhone, a safe use information screen is displayed every time you run Phone Joystick on your iPhone, please always follow the instructions.
Does Phone Joystick feature any buttons?
While Phone Joystick works very well as your simulation's or game's control stick, the physical buttons on your iPhone are not ergonomically suitable to be used with Phone Joystick. Currently you will need to use your keyboard with your other hand for other controls of your simulation or game.
Is Phone Joystick available for Android phones?
Phone Joystick is currently available for iPhone owners only unfortunately.
How can I contact you?
Please use our contact web form or Apple App Store reviews to contact us.
We would love to hear from you! In case you liked your experience with Phone Joystick, we would be delighted if you tell others. Or, we would very much appreciate, if you could spend a bit of your time to let us know about any issues you encountered. It matters for everybody. Phone Joystick is new and we count on your feedback!